The Pygmalion Effect

The beliefs and expectations our peers, family members and teachers have of us can become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Cheese and Ham

Two products can be substitutes and complementary at the same time.


Just because the leaves are falling, it doesn't mean they won't grow again.


On letting go of the past, so we can be ourselves again.


We cannot avoid wounds and bruises. But we may be able to reframe them.

Show up every day

A proven way to get better at anything is by showing up consistently.


The connection and intimacy we long for may be out there for us to grab, if we decide to open ourselves to other worlds.

Own your platform

We don’t own the platforms where we spend so much of our time sharing content and building an audience.

Copy the work of others

Do not try to be original. Originality comes from experience and materializes naturally as we acquire enough building blocks.

Only you know who you can be