A riff on the Agile Manifesto

Here are my personal principles on product development inspired by the agile manifesto originally published in 2001:

  1. Prioritise shared understanding over frameworks and processes.
  2. Make the work you're doing as visual as possible. Sketch, use post-it notes, take photos, record videos.
  3. Everything that is not a fact or hasn't been tested is an assumption or an opinion.
  4. First build to learn and to reduce risk. Then commit.
  5. Our ability to adapt is more important than following a plan.
  6. Build with outcomes in mind instead of features.
  7. The less you build, the better.
  8. Don't make estimations. Scope and shape improvements based on how much time it makes sense to invest and build from there.
  9. Don't compromise on quality. Compromise on the scope.
  10. Make fulfilled outcomes the primary measure of progress.
  11. Never set goals for your teams. Work alongside them to help them define their own goals, in a way that is aligned with yours.

Only you know who you can be