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The mistakes we made and deeds we accomplished yesterday are like blinkers. They prevent us from seeing sideways. They mute our experience of life and keep us from reaching a deeper understanding of the world.

There are radiant, ecstatic, powerful version of ourselves lying somewhere. Untapped potential we may only harness when we learn to let go of the person, places and things that provide our sense of comfort and identity today.

a. Build the habit of asking yourself: What if I’m wrong? What if what I believe in and the values I grew up with or currently hold are flawed?

b. Seek dissonance. Welcome people and engage with thoughts and ideas that go against what you believe in.

c. Search for ways of fully engaging with cultures that are different from the ones you know. Travel alone for long periods of time. Move to another continent.

This essay is part of my Principles series. Writings I plan to update and refine throughout the years and pass on to my kids. The edit history is publicly available here.



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