Friends who blog or own a piece of the cyberspace.

Assorted thoughts on personal development, emotional intelligence, product enablement and decentralization.

Henrique Dias

We built Upframe together. Henrique writes about web infrastructure, decentralized systems, identity, and, making tools for developers and users.

Gustavo Pimenta

Mentor and friend. Writing about learning, productivity, personal reinvention and product management.

Sofia Simões de Almeida

Mentor and friend. Writing about leadership, personal reflection, coaching and product management.

Nuno Carneiro

A curated list of book reviews on personal development, business, science, technology and history.

Julius Bachmann

Making venture more human. Coaching, personal development, leadership, productivity and change.

Mariana Kobayashi

Personal development, reflections, emotional intelligence and productivity.

Johannes Krabbe

Friend from CODE. Exploring cyber security and computer science.

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