Malik Piara

From work to "play"

At times, we may feel inclined to set goals for the people we manage. But the problem with setting goals for others is that doing so may turn what feels like "play" to them into "work".

A way to circumvent that might be to work alongside others to help them set their own goals, in a way that is aligned with ours. Doing so turns something primarily driven by external factors (carrots and sticks) into something intrinsic.

Some people seem to struggle considerably more under conditions built on extrinsic motivators. And I think these are the people who either produce outstanding work or do a lousy job. There's no in-between.

This may be the reason why prolific people often start as bad students. Even though they are smart, something about working for grades and not having a say in what and how they learn, breaks their spirit.

The reason underperforming students may go on to become masters could be related to them finally finding an environment that drives intrinsic motivation.

And that is the kind of environment we can create when we take our time and let others set goals and find a path to achieve them, instead of dictating them — A place where people can thrive.



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