Malik Piara

A train that can't be stopped

At some point in life, we may find ourselves fighting for a place few people ever seem to get to. A job at a remarkable place. A deal with a record label. A signing with a publishing house.

The prospects of getting picked may seem hardly graspable. At times, we may ponder if we're good enough. Or if the phone will ever ring. After all, we're competing with millions of people. Some, with degrees from top tier universities, a better resume, more experience. More connections. Unfair advantages.

We may not get picked today, tomorrow or the day after. In fact, the phone may never ring. But we don't have to wait around. — We can pick ourselves. We can write a new blog post. Paint a new canvas. Make a new song. Build a new product. We can choose to show up and put in the work every single day.

We can decide that we will pick ourselves. Regardless of whether someone out there is listening.


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