Malik Piara



Malik Piara

Pats in the back


Most people you interact with will show you some kind of support if given the opportunity. And although support is nice, you need to learn how to create a filter. Words are nice but they're easy. Most people say nice things because they want us to like them or because that's their default.

Accepting criticism and a certain kind of inquisitiveness can be hard. It can feel like a personal attack or lack of belief in our capabilities. And it hurts when it comes from the people we love the most. But that's often what we need to grow.

Build the habit of reflecting on why people say what they say. What are they trying to achieve?

a) Hold on to people who give you a hard time. It often means they care so much that they are willing to make you deslike them a little.


I'm so grateful to have family and friends that challange me. Thank you dearest Sarah, Dad, Paty, Amin and Joni for caring. I cheerish you and I hope I can provide you healthy discomfort throughout our lives.



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