Make time

Published on 08 February, 2021

As we go through life, we find ourselves in different places. Different chapters. This often implies loosening our connection with friends we used to spend a lot of time with. Weeks, months and years go by. Work gets in the way. We get busy and without meaning to, relationships slowly fade away.

We might tell ourselves a different story. Like how strong friendships last forever. However, strong friendships have to be earned. Like everything else. If we really care about our friendships, we have to work for them.

One thing we can do is to schedule time to be with the people we care about. Although it might sound weird at first, booking time in advance ensures we actually spend quality time with the people who are important. No matter how much work we have in our hands.

I recently approached a couple of friends and we agreed to have a video call every 5 weeks. We’re in touch more often but, by setting time aside, we make sure we are present and there for each other. Even when we’re miles apart.

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