Letting friendships go

Published on 02 October, 2021

Sometimes we hold on to friendships that are no longer working. We hold on to that friend who was there for our sweet sixteen. We hold on to the group we formed in college, when we were still figuring out what we wanted. We hold on to people who have been in our lives for as long as we can remember. Even when the only things connecting us are our memory and a sense of obligation.

Relationships change because we change. What we want today might be completely different from what we wanted yesterday. And because we have separate goals, we take different paths. Acquire distinct values.

We must come to terms with fact that letting people go might be a necessary part of growing up. Spending time with old friends might not be fun anymore. It might end up draining us more than it energise us. And that's okay.

Having the courage to let go of relationships that don't sustain us might be exactly what we need to create space for more meaningful connection.

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