Earnest. Cards for more meaningful conversations.

Published on 02 November, 2021

We may not get picked today, tomorrow or the day after. In fact, the phone might never ring. But we don't have to wait around. We can decide that we will pick ourselves. Regardless of whether someone out there is listening. — We can choose to do the work, to write a new essay, paint a new canvas, build a new product.

Because I don’t want to wait around to get picked, I decided I’m writing every day and building or improving a new product every week. As a result of that decision, I started one day hackathons taking place every second Sunday at my place. I call them Hackasundays. The goal is to focus on the process and become someone who constantly shows up regardless of what the outcome or reaction is.

On the first Hackasunday, we worked on cards with questions for more meaningful conversations. You can use them as a way to get to know yourself better. Or to cultivate friendships.

Because many people were interested in getting them, I decided it would make sense to release the app for both Android and iOS. If you'd like to give it a try, click here to download the alpha or drop me a message.


Earnest Cards. Also on Instagram with new questions every week at @earnestcards.

This article will be updated in a substantial way throughout this month with more details on the app and about the process of building and launching a new product from scratch in ~7 hours. See you soon!

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